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Canon D350

Tweet I usually don’t bother much about hotels when I travel alone or if we are all adults. But with two kids in Hong Kong I was worried about everything. More so when both are brats and I was the only adult on the trip. I was going with Makemytrip and they booked me with the [...]


Tweet The first quarter of the year is over. Now where did the time fly? In the meanwhile I did manage to travel a bit, I have been out 5 times already with the 6th one in line, starting this weekend. So, I thought I would do a quick update for Travel 2014 so far. [...]


Tweet As I have traveled twice for work to Lancaster, visiting the Lake District was a logical choice. Windermere is just a 40 minute train ride from Lancaster. Everyone I consulted (which was not much) told me to go to Windermere as that is the rail head as well. So, I had a hotel booking [...]


Tweet It was the winter of 2010 when I went up in a hot air balloon over Jaipur. Some trips always remain itched in your memory, this is one of it. But for this lazy Sunday I would be content posting a picture from the trip. It was quite an adventure! And as you read [...]


The Dubai Connection

by Mridula on May 28, 2013

in Canon D350,Dubai,Photography

Tweet I have not traveled within Dubai (shall I say yet?) but my younger nephew, also known as Brat 2, has done a long internship in Dubai and I have heard a lot of tales! He is an excellent traveling companion and we have been chatting about visiting Dubai together but let us see when [...]


What to Shoot? What to Shoot?

by Mridula on February 28, 2013

in Canon D350,Photography

Tweet The cry about what to shoot is the result of the recent rummaging through the folders experience. I work full time so if I can travel once a month I consider myself lucky. But I blog almost everyday for past few years now. When once a month schedule goes awry I am left with rummaging [...]