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Canon D550

Tweet I recently hopped over to Hong Kong (booked the holiday with Makemytrip, their Simply Hong Kong package) with my niece aged 9 and my daughter aged 6. I was the only adult on this trip, I am the only one who is mad enough in the family! I have taken out my daughter alone and my [...]


Tweet Photography takes a back seat when you are traveling with two kids. And the kids are like pieces of luggage but with wheels that are slightly out of control. The trip to Hong Kong is going by in a flash! It was a lazy Sunday by any stretch of imagination but here is a [...]


Tweet Even before landing I was excited about the trek to the Tiger’s Nest in Paro, Bhutan. As I was visiting in monsoon I asked my friends on Facebook beforehand if I should be carrying trekking shoes or normal sneakers would do? An overwhelming majority who had done the trek told me to carry my [...]


Tweet I am quite averse to getting clicked. There have been a few exceptions to this rule but quite few and far between. However, when I visited the 3D Art Gallery at the Venezia Cha Am near Hua Hin I behaved in such an uncharacteristic way! You see it was so much fun. There are more [...]


Tweet While I had just one hour before leaving office and later catching the flight to Bangkok, I got an email. It was an invitation to visit Bhutan with Makemytrip. I hardly had anytime to think how would I manage things at work. But it was one of those occasions when I decided to say [...]


Tweet This lazy Sunday post is being uploaded from T3! I leave you with a smiling girl at the Grand Palace, Bangkok while I fly out to Paro, Bhutan with Not sure if I can blog live or not.