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Tweet My visit to Garli, Himachal Pradesh (4 km from Pragpur) started on an interesting note. Our driver (and taxi owner) Amit pointed out to a huge home and said this too was being converted in a hotel. When we asked if we could enter, he nodded yes. We checked with a man coming out [...]


Tweet In my last post I left of this story just before lunch, when I didn’t want to wake up after our mini adventure. Pragpur is a delightful little town where the pace of life seems to be slow, where there is not too much traffic and where the weather had turned better by afternoon. [...]


Tweet A few days back I was reading a beach scene somewhere (don’t ask me where or I may get beaten or ridiculed or maybe both) which left me wondering, why don’t I think like that, I mean ever? It was a sun kissed beach with sparkling blue waters, verdant shade and idyllic beauty. Or [...]


Tweet Did you notice that half an year has quietly slipped by. Before I scream where did the time go, I know some of it went into traveling. This is an account of the journey so far in 2014. I did an update in April for the first quarter, so I will pick up from where [...]


Tweet Last week I did a one night trip to Pragpur in Himachal Pradesh which was on invitation from WelcomeHeritage Judge’s Court. And it was not them who wanted me to stay there for one night. The time constraint was from my side, a fact which I am already regretting. We went sightseeing around Pragpur [...]


Tweet When I saw the litchi fruits on the tree at the Welcomeheritage Judge’s Court, Pragpur it so reminded me of my childhood home. Of course, our home was not set in 12 acres nor was it double storied but that too had mango and litchi trees among other fruits. All my childhood and college [...]