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Tweet I saw some eye catching colors in Kutch, Gujarat. The first frame that made my eyes pop out was at Narayan Sarovar which is quite close to Lakhpat. These colorful jalis were part of the complex of the temple at the Narayan Sarovar. It made me conscious that I should try and capture the [...]


Tweet Dilli Haat is one of our favorite joints because it is so colorful. For this lazy Sunday I have some pictures from Dilli Haat. The Sunday was not really lazy because Chhavi and I went there today. When she was very small she used to think that shops were to look at and not [...]


Tweet I am fascinated by the bright colors people wear in Rajasthan. One theory is that they wear such bright colors to compensate for the bleakness of the landscape. I am not sure if it is true or not. I also doubt if the same chatak (Hindi for bright, only it has more flavor) colors [...]


Tweet It is such a common flower in India I never thought it would have this complicated name- Wingpod Purslane! The images are from the Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok though. Wingpod Purslane Flowers I wonder who gave such a drab name to such pretty flowers. In the market they were for sale in [...]


Tweet In my post on the Taling Chan Floating Market I mentioned the stall where there was a riot of colors caused by the orchids. So here is a picture. Colorful Orchids Being from India I am no stranger to street markets. Thailand and Cambodia also score very high marks for their vibrant and colorful [...]


Tweet I did not know what to expect when I was walking towards the Taling Chan Floating market in Bangkok. I was still very tired. I had taken a class till 1.30 pm the previous day. Then I took a flight at 11.30 pm the same day from IGI Delhi. As usual in the flight [...]