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Tweet I first got the inkling of the heat wave in Delhi/Gurgaon/NCR when I was in Thailand. 42 degree Celsius itself gave me shivers. Then I read about 48 degrees, all the while when I was in a col 22 degrees in the Khaoyai region of Thailand. I also knew that a dust storm in [...]


Tweet There is not much to write about Gurgaon Railway Station. It is a small, nondescript place with just two platforms. To enter the station one has to jostle with the autos and rickshaws. The ticket counter and the adjoining waiting area always look dusty. The people sitting in the waiting area have a patient [...]



by Mridula on August 28, 2013

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Tweet Chhavi’s favorites past time in evening is to go to the park. Once inside swings are her preferred destination. While we were walking in I noticed a beautiful butterfly on the hedge. Once I safely deposited her on the swing and pushed her high, I asked her if I could go (my house is [...]


Tweet I know it is not a Sunday and it is not a photo day. But this is what happens when I do not travel for nearly two months! I have to keep this blog alive with places and things around me and you have to view them! See it is better for all involve [...]


Tweet The roads in my part of the world can get incredibly congested and usually a lair of dust hangs over it. But on some days it turns to magic. On those days I try to pause and click a few pictures. Gurgaon Roads This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. Do check them [...]


Tweet I get to see a lot of birds without ever leaving my home. I put a bowl of water for them in the balcony throughout the year. On weekends I give them a further incentive to visit my balcony. I will put something to eat as well. From my experience I know the birds [...]