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Tweet Between 2007 and 2011 I traveled to UK (for work) 5 times. I was going through London Heathrow thrice and Manchester twice. From London I would then travel to Oxford. And from Manchester my destination has been Lancaster. I actually liked Oxford City a lot. I would spend sometime in London as well but [...]


Tweet I am waiting to fly the next time. I am going to click even more pictures! This one was taken from my visit to UK in May 2009, the actual destination was Oxford.


Thumbs Up for BA

by Mridula on November 12, 2007

in British Airways,Heathrow,UK

Tweet British Airways, Terminal 4, Heathrow, London, UK My tickets for the UK trip were booked with the British Airways. Gradually, it is coming to a stage when I do not feel that enthusiastic about flying anymore, but then it is rare that I get to watch back to back movies ever in my life, [...]