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Tweet Why did it not feel like a lazy Sunday? It is past 10.30 pm when I found time even to post a picture! It is going to be a snow filled month here, first Narkanda and now I have a visa for Finland. If everything goes according to the plan I would be in [...]


Tweet When I arrived at Narkanda there was snow everywhere. I was so tired at the end of the journey that I was happy I didn’t had to walk through snow to reach the hotel. The taxi dropped me right at the doorstep of the Hatu which is a Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Development Corporation [...]


Tweet At Narkanda the predominant color in the sky was grey. I was not complaining as it was snowing most of the time! And snow is novelty for me. In my parts it would be apocalypse if it snowed, it is so hot usually. There were a few short spells when the sky showed some [...]


Tweet As I work full time (in academics) I have to be really stingy with my leaves. I look at the holiday schedule of my institute and try to plan my trips around it. It is March now and I am really struggling with my leave balance. It will get renewed in April so a [...]


Tweet For this lazy Sunday I will go with the Streaked Laughingthrush. Oblivious to the snow around, it just kept playing. All kind of Laughingthrushs have beautiful voices but I did not hear it sing this time. These pictures were clicked at Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh while it got a cover of snow in late February and [...]


Tweet Snow is going to be the theme on this blog for quite some time now! For this sky watch I present the icicles I spotted at the Narkanda bus stand. While I was waiting for a bus to go back to Shimla, it kept snowing. I have seen snow many times now. But usually [...]