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Tweet I was taking the Manali-Kaza Road after seven long years. In 2007 my husband, my elder nephew Dilip and I trekked in the Spiti region. This time Dilip and I were going back to visit Chandratal. In 2007 I so wanted to visit Chnadratal but neither Dilip nor Seshadri were willing to give me [...]


Tweet After hot rice and daal at Chhatru for lunch, I managed to doze off in the jeep. Ranvir our amicable driver gave a shout after sometime, “Rama dekh jam laga hai” (wake up Rama, there is a traffic jam ahead). Ramakant ji was the head of our trip! His cry woke us all; there [...]


Tweet I was star struck, no literally, this time at Batal in Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. You might have noticed that I vanished for a week, the plan was to visit Chandratal, the stunningly beautiful lake close to Batal. I managed to reach the lake this time though the blue skies eluded me. However, at [...]


Tweet My visit to Garli, Himachal Pradesh (4 km from Pragpur) started on an interesting note. Our driver (and taxi owner) Amit pointed out to a huge home and said this too was being converted in a hotel. When we asked if we could enter, he nodded yes. We checked with a man coming out [...]


Tweet In my last post I left of this story just before lunch, when I didn’t want to wake up after our mini adventure. Pragpur is a delightful little town where the pace of life seems to be slow, where there is not too much traffic and where the weather had turned better by afternoon. [...]


Tweet I like visiting places which are not overrun by tourists. Pragpur in Himachal Pradesh falls under that category as of now. My invitation was from the Judge’s Court and this was a one night trip. Reaching there was a mini adventure in itself, it should not have been though. But when two women and one [...]