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Jammu and Kashmir

Tweet I am so very fond of bird photography. It is just that I am not fond of getting up in the morning. And the birds like to give ‘darshan’ (audience) in the morning or the evening. This time at Srinagar I did manage to wake up early morning on one day, to visit the floating vegetable [...]


Tweet Obscene and early morning are closely associated words for me. The only exception to this rule is trekking when I go to sleep at 8. 00 pm and wake up bright at 5.00 am. However, in interest of  photography and seeking new experiences I sometimes make an effort to wake up early even otherwise. [...]


Kashmiri Men

by Mridula on June 30, 2014

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Tweet I have said this often, I am not too keen on street photography. I am quite scared of clicking people. And yet I am fascinated by it too. On this trip to Kashmir, I met fellow blogger Siddhartha Joshi. We went on a small walk by the Dal Lake in Srinagar. The guy knows [...]


Tweet Sunset and sunrise are usually the times when magic happens in the sky. I am guilty of sleeping through way too many sunrises, in fact almost all the sunrises in the recent times. However, if I am out at sunset I do try to enjoy those magical hours. In Srinagar I was lucky on [...]


Tweet I was so excited when I got a call from the PR team handling J&K Tourism. I immediately agreed to go on the trip, I took three days leave as well. For me leaves are really truly precious because I work full time. Anyway, talking about leaves is not too engaging, so back to [...]


Tweet Greetings from Srinanagr! I am here with J&K Tourism for the Summer Festival. I arrived here today, slept flat through the flight, woke up only close to landing. It was quite cloudy. I am staying in a house boat today! We visited Pari Mahal today, which was indeed beautiful for the views it provided [...]