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Jammu and Kashmir

Tweet When you arrive at a new place how do you like to explore it? I know that will depend on the city, its size and many other things. Still there is a particular way in which we like to explore places. I have listed 5 of my favorites. Cars at Gulmarg, Kashmir, India 5. [...]


Tweet I visited The Khyber at Gulmarg in March. And even though I have been to Ladakh is Jammu and Kashmir this was my first visit to Kashmir region. Gulmarg is the only place in Kashmir that I was able to explore. I visited the place at their invitation and what a grand place it [...]


Tweet When vacation is round the corner, the most common topic discussed is the holiday spots one should visit. Some magazines throw light on various tourist destinations that are generally overlooked. Some highlight the specialties of a particular picnic spot. People have varied interests. Some like to visit places that offer spectacular sights with picturesque [...]


Tweet For today’s sky watch I present the skies from Gulmarg. I was staying at The Khyber there. And this was the view from my balcony one evening. I would love to go back one day. The Khyber, Gulmarg This post is part of Sky Watch Friday, do check them out.


Tweet I first visited the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering building at night and I could not make out its features at all. Also the concentration was on not falling down while walking on snow. Then I caught a glimpse of the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering at Gulmarg from a moving vehicle [...]


Tweet I thought of trying something new today. I am going to post a picture below and you have to tell me what does the picture say to you? Snow at Gulmarg After all why should I do the story telling everyday? Some days I like to listen to stories.