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Tweet Do you ever sit back and think about a trip you did sometime back? Do your feelings about the trip change with the passage of time? When I just got back from Nepal after trying to trek through the Annapurna Circuit Trek, I was tired and not too happy about the amount of rain [...]


Tweet When clouds play truant and hide all the mountain peaks what do you do? I tried to sit in a corner and take some people shots! Now I hardly ever do it. I am not sure if I will try it again but who knows? I am still a far cry from the fearless [...]


Tweet When I arrived at Pokhara, Nepal it was not raining. It felt like a minor cause for celebration as I had seen more rain than I would care for on the Annapurna Circuit Trek. However by the time I finished lunch and started walking around the beautiful Phewa Lake, it has started raining again. [...]


Tweet I got only a glimpse of Umiam Lake or which is also known as Barapani. Our taxi driver from Guwahati to Shillong told us that he would stop by it for a few minutes if we wanted to. We wanted to stop as soon as we spotted the water body but he told us [...]


Tweet When I visited the Hauz Khas area in South Delhi for the first time in October 2012 I certainly did not expect to see a lake right in the middle of the chaotic city. But there it was. Before walking around I thought I would spend some time exploring the area and then head [...]


Tweet   I am rarely up at dawn but I am going again and again to  my dawn pictures from Odisha. I guess I should designate one day in every trip when I would get up at dawn to click pictures. For more skies from around the world please visit the Skywatch Page.