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Tweet A long time back (2011 to be precise) I took a taxi ride from Colaba to the airport. The taxi driver was a kindly looking gentleman and soon a conversation started. He was talking about his sons and their education and their approach to life. Me being a teacher and dealing with students that [...]


Tweet There are certain things that I always end up doing on business- like flying Jet Airways and visiting Mumbai. In the recent past I can remember only one Jet Airways flight and I actually took it to Mumbai for attending a conference. Trips like these mean I work hard and hardly get to explore [...]


Mumbai: The Food & Travel Paradise

by Mridula on November 15, 2012

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Tweet All my trips to Mumbai have been either for events or for work. I have yet to explore the city as a tourist! Being on official visit has an advantage though, you don’t have to worry about the hotels in Mumbai! One of my trips to Mumbai was for a day long event. I [...]


Tweet In January I went to Mumbai twice, maybe it is because of that I am struggling to get out in February, I exhausted my Feb quota in Jan itself. One of the visits was to chair a session of NHRD on social media. The session itself was quite enjoyable but this post it about [...]


A Dinner at Cafe Leopold

by Mridula on February 9, 2011

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Tweet On one of my recent visits to Mumbai, I had a dinner at Cafe Leopold. When I came back home and told this to Brat 1 (my elder nephew) he immediately remarked, ‘Shantaram.’ Wikipedia also confirms that there are extensive references to Leopold Cafe in the novel Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. When we [...]


Tweet I was thinking today how much I have started taking air travel for granted thanks to the low cost airlines. But when I was growing up, the only domestic airline was Indian Airlines and air travel much beyond our reach. The first time I got inside a plane was when I was already doing my Ph.D. [...]