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Tweet I love it when I can catch a colorful sunset right in the middle of the city. This was clicked from my sister’s home at Noida. Of course I am presenting the scene quite selectively here, I have not included the construction cranes and other such trappings of civilization. Sunset at Noida The birds [...]


Kaleidoscopic Skies

by Mridula on September 8, 2012

in Canon D550,Noida,Photography,Travel

Tweet There were some plans to travel this weekend but I in the end cancelled my tickets today. Maybe next week, maybe not but will travel soon.


Tweet   I am rummaging through the folders these days and found this picture that I took at a park at Noida at sunset. Share your sky pictures at Skywatch Friday.


Tweet   I wanted to take this shot with the sunset but at the same moment my daughter came crying from downstairs. Nothing much, she was just tired after a metro ride to my sister’s place. She has not slept in the day today and still is going around like an energy bomb. So I [...]


Simply Flowers

by Mridula on December 21, 2011

in Canon D350,flowers,Noida,Photography

Tweet   This is an old old photo clicked at Noida in my sister’s apartment complex. I wonder why I did not liked it at all when I clicked it the first time. Should try something like this again. I have almost clicking and posting flowers!


Wah Ji Wah!

by Mridula on December 17, 2011

in Canon D550,humour,India,Noida,Photography

Tweet   My sister and I were roaming about in Noida when we saw this sign of the restaurant Wah Ji Wah! Need I say anything more? Roughly translated Wah Ji Wah could be marvelous really marvelous?

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