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Tweet They say into each life some rain must fall. I say it is a given that in each trek some rain will fall! We were trekking in the Triund region in Himachal Pradesh and I had been lugging two heavy raincoats for the past two days. I asked my husband if he would carry [...]


Tweet When it was a bit sunny and there was a bit of rain I started hoping. I love rainbows and I don’t get to see many. The trouble was that when the rainbow started happening I was on my way back from work. I actually parked my car on the side and took out [...]


Rainbow and the Roads

by Mridula on August 24, 2010

in Canon D350,Gurgaon,Photography,Rainbow

Tweet I could sense a rainbow today. There was rain and there was sunshine together. Even without looking outside I changed the zoom lens to the wide angle. Then I ran to the various balconies to see if I could spot a rainbow. But I could not. So I grabbed the umbrella and started walking [...]


Tweet Yesterday when I was coming back from work, there was sunshine and rain as well, I was quite hopeful that I would get to see a rainbow. And there it was, faint but surely there. For part of the way I car pool but many people at my work know how crazy I am [...]


Tweet Partial Rainbow at Lancaster, UK The highest number of rainbows I have seen in a week is 4. I saw all of them at Lancaster. More Sky pictures at Skywatch Friday.


Tweet The Rainbow at Lancaster, UK I have never seen so many rainbows in such a short span of time ever before in my life. The week I was at lancaster I saw the Rainbow 4 times and photographed them on three occasions. The other three were even more fleeting but they were still rainbows. [...]