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Tweet I visited Naldhera (about 19 km from Shimla) sometime back. If you would ask me honestly I am more of an off beat place person rather than the mainstream. But I got to experience Shimla Tourism while I was returning back from Naldhera. I clearly remember that it was a rainy day but then [...]


Tweet I was at work when it rained a lot at NCR. While I am not a big fan winter rains (too many people without homes) and even less of the monsoon ones (too many traffic jams) it leads to good photo opportunities sometimes. Rains at Gurgaon While it was raining the sun came out. [...]


Tweet I had a fabulous one week in Palampur. The details will start pouring in. But let me start with their mere bus stand and a lowly puddle! It happens only in Himachal Pradesh I think! I had a gala time. I stayed at the Holiday Home Hotel a lovely home based accommodation. And the full [...]


Tweet For today’s skywatch I present two rainy day pictures from Malaysia. Of late I have developed a penchant to click pictures through car/bus windows when it is raining outside. That way sometimes I get interesting pictures! If you search for Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque, Sepang, Malaysia on the net, you will find that it [...]


Making a Splash

by Mridula on September 2, 2012

in Canon D550,Gurgaon,Photography,Rains

Tweet When it rained yesterday my daughter ran out and had a gala time getting wet. I stayed at the door and clicked pictures of the water drops making a splash! I first tried the kit lens but I was not happy with the close up of the water drops I was getting. Then I [...]


Tweet After 44 degree Celsius it rained out here. The weather is pleasant and it always makes for a few interesting pictures.