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Tweet If you are keen on watching the sky you might notice that it puts on a special show only on a few days. The fact was specially prominent to me while I watched that special sunset at Udaipur. Maybe as I am commuting most of the days at sunset I simply do not notice [...]


Tweet At the outset let me say that cameras are not allowed inside the Dargah, Ajmer. Cell phones are allowed though. I now have a good camera in my phone, the Lumia 1020 so I was excited. I really don’t feel very enthusiastic while visiting places that do not allow photography. This was my third [...]


Tweet This time when I visited the Wheeler Bookstore at Ajmer Railway Station the person at the stall said, “lo aa gayen Agatha Christie ki fan!” (Here comes the Agatha Christie fan). In the last two years this was my fourth trip to Ajmer and as I bought Agatha Christie every time from the shop, [...]


Tweet When our driver Rajendra ji pointed out the Pratap Palace, Ajmer in the distance, like true Rajasthani architecture it blended with the surroundings. Pratap Palace, Ajmer is a Keys Resort, situated on the Ajmer Pushkar road. It is surrounded by the Aravalis and away from the hustle and bustle of both the cities. It [...]


Tweet City Palace, Udaipur is a beautiful place, only I had just enough time to run through it. The thing that amazed me was the camera fee of 200 Indian rupees. I know the SLR toting (myself included) crowd may not mind it. But 200 rupees even if you wanted to use a cell phone [...]


Tracking a Tiger

by Mridula on May 1, 2014

in Canon D550,India,Photography,Rajasthan

Tweet Have you ever wondered how do they go about tracking a tiger? We were sitting in a jeep deep inside the zone 5 of Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan. This was the zone where in the morning two tiger cubs had been spotted. Above the noise of the the Gypsy I couldn’t hear a thing. Suddenly [...]