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Tweet I was amazed by the sheer size of the Chittorgarh Fort. The place was immense. I was told the area of the fort is 700 acres and it would take 3 days if I wanted to see it properly. Chittorgarh Fort is also one of the living forts where people have their homes, though [...]


Tweet After staying in a villa in Finland I thought I would not get impressed with anything else easily. But I was wrong, I really like The Rajputana at Udaipur.  The first thing that caught my eye was the colors. There is something about Rajasthani colors, as bright as they are, they still don’t hurt [...]


Tweet As you read this post, I would be in Maldives. However on this Lazy Sunday I leave you with a picture of the Chittorgarh City. I spent a short time at the Chittorgarh Fort. The view of the city from the fort was amazing. And I sign off with a promise to bring in [...]


Tweet There is something magical about sunsets and sunrises. The point was driven home when I went to the Monsoon Palace at sunset at Udaipur. I say sunsets first because I watch them more. A lot of sunrises I just sleep through. Have you noticed that many people seem to be oblivious to the beauty [...]


Tweet I was revisiting Udaipur after 14 long years. And this time I was spending even less time in the city. I had one evening to be precise. I was invited by the Rajputana, a Justa Group Resort. The good folks were willing to host me for longer. It was I who had no leaves [...]


Tweet It was anything but a lazy Sunday. I woke up at the Lake Palace, Nahargarh in Rajasthan. As I wanted to click pictures when the light was good I woke up 15 minutes before sunrise at the ungodly hour of 6.15 am. I had manage to crash only at 11.45 pm the previous night. [...]