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Tweet Online shopping trends in India have continued to evolve over the last few years, providing residents with the means to shop from the comfort of their own home for goods, apparel, electronics and so much more. Many of those who own computers within India have taken the steps to start shopping online with ease. [...]


Shopping and Sharing at

by Mridula on August 21, 2012

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Tweet If you love shopping and if you then have to absolutely talk about it then is the website for you. I have to admit I am not a big shopper and I talk even less about shopping but when I saw the website I flipped. A lot the items featuring out there were quite [...]


Tweet I started interacting with Chitra over her other blog, about temples. Then one day we connected on Facebook and then I discovered Chitra’s Jewel Art. I have to admit I am not very fond of jewelery. But earrings are an exception. And I just way to lazy to go out and shop as well. So [...]


Tweet The shops at Rishikesh were colorful and attractively decorated. I am very fond of stones found on the riverside so I had to click these stones (I think they are sold as a religious object?) I don’t know how they make them this ultra smooth? I actually clicked this shop because the evening light was [...]


Tweet From a Roadside Sale in London I was rummaging through my pictures of the UK 2009 trip and hence this flood of images from UK. And even though I am traveling from Friday, I have scheduled posts, mostly images from UK only. Road Side Sale, London And for the stuff in the pictures above, [...]


Tweet Tintin in Tibet Bags for Sale in Mcleod Ganj Mcleod Ganj streets are full of souvenirs and colorful ones at that. What I drool most at are the earrings of all size and shapes (that is one piece of jewellery I use almost on a daily basis) but then I am content with just [...]