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Sky Watch

Tweet This year starting from March till about now, I traveled a lot. When I traveled a lot I would crib because I was traveling too much, which would leave me very tired. Then for the past two weeks I have been at home. So, now I am getting nostalgic about traveling and then, you [...]


Tweet After a light Indian snacks and chai we started out evening tour at the Tower Clock, close to Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong. There was a small park which looked like a kid’s play area but it was under maintenance. Of course, Chhavi wanted to go there. I had to convince them that even though it [...]


Tweet I am now back from my third trip to Thailand. Every time it has been on invitation from Tourism Authority of Thailand, twice from the New Delhi office. After UK, Thailand is now my most visited country. And Bangkok is the only city where I look forward to do some shopping, the prices are [...]


Tweet All through the journey to Batal, the sky was overcast. It left me quite heartbroken. Since last June this has been the fate of all my trips to the Himalayas whether in India or Nepal. I was cribbing to everyone who would care to listen to me. And then as the day progressed, Batal [...]


Tweet It is that time of the year when I head out to mountains. Usually I take two weeks off and go trekking. But this year it was not meant to be. I am just taking one week off and I am not trekking. The original plan was to take two weeks off but then [...]


Tweet Last week I did a one night trip to Pragpur in Himachal Pradesh which was on invitation from WelcomeHeritage Judge’s Court. And it was not them who wanted me to stay there for one night. The time constraint was from my side, a fact which I am already regretting. We went sightseeing around Pragpur [...]