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Sky Watch

Tweet For quite a few Fridays it is going to be Maldives, a slice of the paradise! I start with this picture of the local beach at Maafushi. The black dots you see in the distance are local women in their hijab taking a dip in the sea. After all this island is their home. [...]


Tweet During my short stay in Maldives we hopped to a resort island Fihalhohi, for a day. We were staying at the budget island of Maafushi- which is inhabited. The resort islands have nothing but the resort and the tourists. But whichever way you look at Maldives it is incredibly beautiful. Forget diving, even the [...]


Tweet There is something magical about sunsets and sunrises. The point was driven home when I went to the Monsoon Palace at sunset at Udaipur. I say sunsets first because I watch them more. A lot of sunrises I just sleep through. Have you noticed that many people seem to be oblivious to the beauty [...]


Tweet I am that window seat frenetic. I sulk and sulk through a flight if I am denied of one! From 18 to 23 March I took 6 flights in all. Much to my regret, I managed window seats only on four flights- Munich Helsinki, Helsinki Kittila, Kittila Helsinki and Munich Delhi. When I saw [...]


Tweet For this sky watch I present a brand new picture from a brand new destination for me. I am at Helsinki right now, though it is the last night for me. Took this picture right in front of the hotel. The water is frozen in the lake! I was here with the Nokia event [...]


Tweet At Narkanda the predominant color in the sky was grey. I was not complaining as it was snowing most of the time! And snow is novelty for me. In my parts it would be apocalypse if it snowed, it is so hot usually. There were a few short spells when the sky showed some [...]