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Sony Cybershot W220

Tweet I visited Naldhera (about 19 km from Shimla) sometime back. If you would ask me honestly I am more of an off beat place person rather than the mainstream. But I got to experience Shimla Tourism while I was returning back from Naldhera. I clearly remember that it was a rainy day but then [...]


Tweet I read about stop motion photography at Digital Photography School. After that I had to try it. There is another reason why I wanted to do a trial run. I have booked my trek to the Everest Base Camp in May and I want to try this out with my trek pictures. So doing [...]


Tweet A Rajasthani Dance at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer Talwarbazi (Swordsmanship) Display at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer One Minute from the Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer One minute from the Puppet Show at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer Rajasthani Music at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer My room (the grand heritage room) at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer


Tweet Here is an enchanting dance performance from a young lady from Suryagarh, Jaisalmer. She also invited the ladies in the audience to dance with her. I have two left feet so I was more content clicking pictures and making videos.


Tweet When you are tried after roaming for hours inside the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur where do you go for lunch? Chances are you would end up at LMB. What is LMB? It is actually quite unpretentious Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar (Lakshmi Sweet House) but it is no longer a sweet house. I have studied near [...]


Tweet I was walking in search for a late lunch on the MI (Mirza Ismail) Road in Jaipur in October when I noticed this rich design on a structure. I was wondering what it could be. When I looked at it a little more closely I realized it was a jewellery shop! When i clicked [...]