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Tweet It seems to be the flavor of the decade to quit the job to travel! It may work for some and it may not work for some. I belong to the second category. I do think of quitting but it is not to follow my passion. I am able to travel right now. So [...]


Tweet A few days back I was reading a beach scene somewhere (don’t ask me where or I may get beaten or ridiculed or maybe both) which left me wondering, why don’t I think like that, I mean ever? It was a sun kissed beach with sparkling blue waters, verdant shade and idyllic beauty. Or [...]


Tweet You must have heard this one- travel will set you free. My sincere feeling is that this was written before jet planes were invented or by a person who never had to travel economy! Sit in a plane that takes off at some obscene hour in a cramped seat to arrive at the other [...]


Tweet I started tweeting about a month back on Mondays about where would I rather like to be! So today after a particularly … whatever day I decided why not, this can spill over occasionally to the blog too. So this Monday these were the five places that look particularly appealing. Pushkar: The nostalgia for [...]


Tweet Most of my trips are short, that is the only way I can travel a lot with a full time job. The day I come back, usually the very next day I am at work. If I arrive at 1.00 am in the morning, I am at work by 9.30 am. If I arrive [...]


Maldives on Budget

by Mridula on April 24, 2014

in Canon D550,Maldives,Photography,Travel

Tweet I always had the impression, along with some of my friends who like to travel, that Maldives was an incredibly expensive destination. Then I chanced across Svetlana’s Maldives posts on a budget. That was a complete blessing, as it showed me that Maldives on budget was possible. Now, that I have done the trip [...]