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Tweet I need one major trek every year to cope with my daily grind. And I eagerly look forward to it every year. I tried to trek through Annapurna Circuit in Nepal in June 2013 and the next major trek is now going to happen in June 2014 only. Yet I think of it daily [...]


Tweet Today’s walk was completely dominate by the thoughts of finding a jeep. All my life I have taken roads for granted. I (or rather my husband) bought my first car late, in my thirties but I completely take automobiles for granted. Not so on this trek. Jeeps were now elusive and their continued absence [...]


Tweet Timang is a small village on the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal. I reached there while walking back after a lot of bad weather at Letdar. The sky was almost always overcast throughout this trek. Morning at Timang, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Nepal The night I was at Timang was exceptionally clear and the entire [...]


Tweet If the weather would have cooperated with us we would have on the other side of the Throng La pass by now. But after the snow at Letdar we decided to walk back. I was looking forward to reach Chame because my cell phone would work there. I was looking forward to all the [...]


Tweet If you do the regular Annnapurna Circuit Trek you will not be doing this. You would be walking to high camp at 4800 meters after Letdar. However weather had other ideas for us. When I got up I could hear the rain, once again, before I saw it. Even though it was not snowing [...]


Tweet On day seven my trek started deviating from the proposed itinerary. I was supposed to walk to the high camp (4800 meters) on day 7 and on day 8 we would have crossed the Thorang-La pass if things went according to plan. But they didn’t. I got up early in the morning and went [...]