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Tweet There was a serious game of carrom was in progress at the taxi stand in Sari village, Uttarakhand. As soon as Chhavi saw it she too had to play. If only the two of us were around I would have distracted her. But Sohan ji took her to the game. The people told her [...]


Tweet I took a break from the Deoriatal story as I went to Pench and saw a tiger too. I am back. When I went to sleep at Sari village I was not too thrilled. The sky was overcast and that meant no view. There was no change in the morning too. Chhavi however woke [...]


Tweet I did not sleep well in the night at Rishikesh. Initially I thought it was traffic noise that was waking me up. But after a few hours of waking up intermittently I realized there was a stiff wind blowing outside. The noise was the rustling of peepal tree leaves near my window. The auto [...]


Tweet My Deoriatal trip happened at a short notice. I knew there was no teaching in the week following Diwali at my workplace as it was off for students. But I was procrastinating about taking the whole week off. Then my institute declared it a holiday for everyone! Now here I was with one week [...]


Tweet When Chhavi and I stopped at Rishikesh (our way to Deoriatal) we decided to roam around Lakshman Jhula in the evening. We were staying close by so it was supposed to be a pleasant walk. While going down it was actually a pleasant walk. I was carrying all my camera gear so I was [...]


Tweet Chhavi and I are back from Deoria Tal. It was one roller coaster ride from here to Deoria Tal and back. Traveling with a child makes it all the more fun and unpredictable. There are a lot of dos and don’t for my travels. A child makes them go haywire without even trying! Traveling [...]