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Tweet I flew with Air India to Sri Lanka and with Indigo to Nepal. Both have been recent vacations, I have enjoyed a lot on both. And guess what? All the flight were on time too! The choice of the air carrier was determined by cheap airline tickets. To Sri Lanka I was traveling with [...]


Tweet The last time I took a flight with Air India (its domestic operation was earlier known as Indian Airlines) it was from Delhi to Bagdogra. I was headed to Baiguney (Sikkim) to attend an event organized by Club Mahindra. Those of you who have been on sponsored trips, you might agree with me that an invitation feels [...]


Tweet I was not always a fan of flying. There were two reasons for it. Tickets used to be expensive and I used to be a student with a very small pocket. Leaves were not an issue. I have lived through the time when to do a flight booking you had to contact a travel [...]


Tweet I took a vacation with Make My Trip, some of you who have been reading my blog might remember my trip to Andaman with them. I had booked it with Make My Trip India, the division that looks after the Indian holidays. I have been more of a solo traveler and I was really [...]


Tweet A lot us would plan to travel in the winter and need to book the air tickets. If you have been scanning the news not everything seems to be going in the right direction for the aviation sector in India this winter. In fact various news articles talk about a fall in the number of flights [...]