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Ajmer Sharif

Tweet At the outset let me say that cameras are not allowed inside the Dargah, Ajmer. Cell phones are allowed though. I now have a good camera in my phone, the Lumia 1020 so I was excited. I really don’t feel very enthusiastic while visiting places that do not allow photography. This was my third [...]


Tweet This time when I visited the Wheeler Bookstore at Ajmer Railway Station the person at the stall said, “lo aa gayen Agatha Christie ki fan!” (Here comes the Agatha Christie fan). In the last two years this was my fourth trip to Ajmer and as I bought Agatha Christie every time from the shop, [...]


Tweet The auto driver left me in a narrow street in Ajmer and said I could walk straight to the Ajmer Sharif shrine ahead. When I looked at the crowd my resolve wavered but I somehow proceeded to the entrance. I came to the dargah from the Ajmer Railway Station. The auto driver at the station wanted [...]