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Tweet For the sky watch today, I am putting up ten pictures, 8 from my travels in 2014 and 2 from the backyard. You might have seen those pictures in some previous posts but I was tempted to put the eye candies in one place! 10. A Sunset in the Backyard I usually reach home [...]


Tweet After a very long time I took out my camera at home. I tried my hands at various things in the backyard. In the end I was most happy with this lonely leaf glowing in the sunlight. Hope you guys also had a great weekend!



by Mridula on August 28, 2013

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Tweet Chhavi’s favorites past time in evening is to go to the park. Once inside swings are her preferred destination. While we were walking in I noticed a beautiful butterfly on the hedge. Once I safely deposited her on the swing and pushed her high, I asked her if I could go (my house is [...]


Tweet I get to see a lot of birds without ever leaving my home. I put a bowl of water for them in the balcony throughout the year. On weekends I give them a further incentive to visit my balcony. I will put something to eat as well. From my experience I know the birds [...]


Tweet All packed for Malaysia and I am heading out a little later in the evening. Just went out to the balcony to see what kind of sunset it was and this was the scene that greeted me! I hope to see many more such skies in the week ahead that I spend in Malaysia. [...]