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Tweet I have to admit that North East India fascinates me. I have only been to Sikkim as of now and I am very keen on exploring further. In fact in 2011 I tried very hard to go to Nagaland. But Tourism in North East India particularly Nagaland didn’t seem that easy. In spite of my best efforts [...]


Tweet When I heard about a possible visit to Baiguney with Club Mahindra I was excited. I had been with them to Coorg before and it was a wonderful experience. Over email exchanges I tried to figure out the idea behind conCLAY. All I could gather was that they wanted us to share some of [...]


Tweet I am now back from conCLAY held at Baiguney at Sikkim. It is a Club Mahindra event. The weather was awesome considering it was the monsoon time. If you search the net for Baiguney you get a lot of information about the Retreat by Zuri, it is now a Club Mahindra property and no [...]


Tweet Update 1: Hell fire and damnation, I forgot the laptop charger at work, so very little chance of blogging from the destination. Sorry about that. I am off to conCLAY with Club Mahindra at Baiguney, Sikkim. And how I am looking forward to it! of course I am going to talk about my Everest Base [...]