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City Palace

Tweet City Palace, Udaipur is a beautiful place, only I had just enough time to run through it. The thing that amazed me was the camera fee of 200 Indian rupees. I know the SLR toting (myself included) crowd may not mind it. But 200 rupees even if you wanted to use a cell phone [...]


Tweet I was revisiting Udaipur after 14 long years. And this time I was spending even less time in the city. I had one evening to be precise. I was invited by the Rajputana, a Justa Group Resort. The good folks were willing to host me for longer. It was I who had no leaves [...]


Tweet I recently visited Alwar in Rajasthan which is about 150 kilometers from Delhi. But as both of us are not a big fan of driving we took the Shatabdi Express from Gurgaon. Alwar is one and a half hour journey from Gurgaon by Shatabdi. I used to think that when we would start traveling [...]