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Tweet This Saturday we went to get my precious back from the Canon service center! While going to give the camera I went alone. In all I might have spent 2 hours in getting back home even though my sister (who met me near the mall) and I spent time sometime at Halidram. While fetching [...]


Tweet This is my first visit to Kerala and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. But the focus is as of now on enjoying and not doing blog posts. So here are beautiful flowers for a lazy Sunday from the hotels I stayed in at Kochi. It is called Fort House. Colorful Flowers My entire trip [...]


Tweet Wish you all a very happy holi. May you travel more this spring and throughout the year and may your travel be colorful! We had a great time this year. Happy Holi For the first year my daughter decided to play Holi this time! Till last year she you tell us she didn’t like [...]