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Friends and colleagues often ask me where I am heading for the winter break. When I say nowhere it surprises them. After all here I am ready to travel at any time of the year and yet I have no plans for a winter break or a New Year break! I will try and explain […]


Travel Fashion or Travel Gear?

by Mridula on February 14, 2013

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I admit upfront that the topic of travel fashion/clothing makes me nervous. Those who know me will vouch for the fact that I can pack for even an overseas business trip in an hour or so. I will pack two business suits, formal shoes, a few shirts and I am done. Other than that I […]


So the wait is over. I did my first ever blogging contest with Groupon a few days back. Many thanks to the 16 people who left valid comments. There were 18 comments in all but two comments were by the same person so the name was entered only once. Another comment was a good luck comment so […]


This post is Sticky till 12thFeb. Regular posts follow below this. So here is the first ever contest that I am holding on this blog and I am quite excited about it. I hope I will manage to pass on some of the excitement to you as well. After all, would it not be fun […]


Those of us who like to travel we also know how much it costs to take that trip! I am quite a big fan of backpacking and if someone told me the ways to bring the cost of traveling down, I would certainly look into it. Coupon Websites- Can they Offer some Travel Zen? Recently […]