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Delhi Gang Rape

The weekend protester that I am decided to go India gate today again. After all from tomorrow I will earn my daily bread! I was tweeting and knew that @db_DelAplha was also tweeting from there. Imagine my surprise that he turned out to be my friend from college and in all that crowd I met him as […]


I am but a Drop in the Ocean

by Mridula on December 22, 2012

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After I saw the lathi charge on the protesters near Raisana Hill I decided I would go. But it was evening before I could actually get out of the house. At the time I went the protests were peaceful and the police just standing guard. But I have never seen so many policemen and women at […]


The Brutal Sexual Assault on a young girl in a moving bus in Delhi has left a lot of us outraged. I contacted Naina Kapur, a leading lawyer and equality expert who has been instrumental in framing of the Vishakha guidelines on workplace sexual harassment and in advocating rape law reform through a Sakshi PIL […]