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Dilli Haat

Tweet For this lazy Sunday I once again post a picture I clicked at Dilli Haat. Once again it is the colorful necklaces that are on display. I hardly ever wear one, so I never buy one, but clicking them is always a high priority! This time as soon as we entered Chhavi asked for [...]


Tweet All my travel plans are in a flux. I was supposed to travel to Thailand (with Tourism Authority of Thailand, would have been my second trip too) this Sunday but that trip was put on hold yesterday. So I cooked up new plans in a jiffy. All the flights closer to the date are [...]


Tweet Dilli Haat is one of our favorite joints because it is so colorful. For this lazy Sunday I have some pictures from Dilli Haat. The Sunday was not really lazy because Chhavi and I went there today. When she was very small she used to think that shops were to look at and not [...]


Tweet I have been to Dilli Haat many times. It is a favorite place of mine to visit with my sister. I have taken guests there too and everyone has come back impressed. For me the attraction is obvious. It is a very colorful place and in good weather it means tons of opportunities to [...]


Tweet We visited Dilli Haat today for a few hours. I always like that place it is such a riot of colors. And the weather was still quite bearable, though it is getting hotter by every passing day. Colorful Bangles Photography with my daughter is not that easy but she is growing up every day [...]


Colorful Dilli Haat

by Mridula on January 14, 2013

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Tweet Yesterday I took two of my British colleagues to Dilli Haat. My take was that they could shop around and see some colors at one place. Also it was a bright sunny day, when it was good to be out there in the sun. I shudder to think if I took them out and [...]