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Fraser’s Hill

Tweet I have trekked many times through a jungle, so many times that I am comfortable. I know the amount of noise any group makes is a guarantee that there would be no animals for miles around hence I am not worried. But the jungle acquire a different hue at night, one that is dark and [...]


Tweet I often say I became interested in birds only after I acquired my zoom lens. Then I could bring the birds closer and ask my more knowledge friends to identify them for me. And gradually it grew on me. I don’t have any super zooms, only a 70-300 mm lens. So to get a [...]


Tweet I have to admit I am spoiled when it comes to the mountains. After all one of the perks of staying in Delhi/Gurgaon is that you can travel overnight and be in the Himalayas. So when I realized that Fraser’s Hill (in Pahang, Malaysia) is 1524 meters (5000 feet) in altitude I was quite ambivalent about it. [...]


Tweet Even though Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 was suppose to be competitive, I thought the participants were really cool and their lust for travel was much more dominant than any competition. We all ran around hunting for clues in our teams but we had so much fun together! The gentleman in the orange in the [...]