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Tweet I recently spent some time at Rishikesh. It was a college trip and three faculty members were there. We would often go out for a walk. There was a bridge close to our camp. The troble was that it had wire meshes all over. So even though I would get good elevation I could [...]


Tweet They say there are two reasons why people visit Rishikesh- rafting and religion. I managed to get both in one frame. This was clicked after we completed our rafting near Ram Jhula. Rafting and Religion at Rishikesh I have to admit I have been keen on rafting. This time I was told by my [...]


Tweet Who needs a refrigerator when you can cool it in the Ganges Water? I clicked this picture at the end of my rafting from Kaudiyala to Shivpuri in Uttarakhand.


Tweet I have more than once traveled from Rishikesh to Joshimath and beyond. And I would always marvel at the river going along the road. So here I was again looking out from a window of a bus and clicking pictures. We were traveling from Kaudiala to Devprayag, the distance between the two is 30 kilometers. [...]


Tweet Two of my bigger strip reports from Lonavala and Kaudiala are pending but then it is the end of the semester time when all I will do for a long time is grading. I have cribbed enough on this blog whenever I have to grade so I will just make a token protest and [...]


Tweet For me it was a big achievement to sit and not fall off in the river from the raft.  And there was Vikram from Rimo Expeditions ( and no, I was not invited by them to write about them) and all others as well, who could stand on the moving raft as if they [...]