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Gyan (pun intended)

Tweet My love affair with photography started gradually. I always liked to take pictures but there was a time when I would not get withdrawal symptoms if I didn’t get to travel once a month and click pictures. Now it looks like I am not going to travel in February and I am sulking like mad. I [...]


Tweet I have often seen the topic ‘dress code for women in India ‘ being discussed on travel message boards, so I decided to articulate my thoughts with pictures! The first thing that comes to my mind is that there are many ‘India’ and the dress would depend on where you are. In general I [...]


What is Your Greatest Asset?

by Mridula on October 21, 2012

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Tweet I wonder what my answer would have been a few days back? I am curious what your answer would be? But today I would say my greatest asset is being healthy. You only realize it when you see getting up and sitting down becoming an issue. You only realize it when walking is an [...]


Tweet If you have been blogging for some time now you might have noticed that our blogs change, they go through phases and at least in my case my blog has grown up with me. When I look at some of my earlier posts and the pictures I posted I often wonder aloud- how could [...]


Tweet What if someone asked you the same question- what is your travel blogging niche? Do you have an answer? I have to admit I was pretty stumped when this question was put to me! But since then I have been thinking.   I started this blog just to talk about my own trips. There [...]


My Five Pet Travel Peeves

by Mridula on June 11, 2005

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Tweet Peace and Quiet For me travel is a form of escape, from my daily routine and from my job. If I am trekking then I do not carry a mirror, it is an escape from my own image in the mirror. Here are the five pet travel peeves I have when I travel in [...]