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Hauz Khas

Tweet I visited Hauz Khas last year for the first time. Then I went back again in January and roamed around the ancient ruins. I liked this passage most from all the pictures I clicked. Hauz Khas Monument, New Delhi However it was not as quiet as the first picture will suggest. It was full of college going [...]


Tweet When I visited the Hauz Khas area in South Delhi for the first time in October 2012 I certainly did not expect to see a lake right in the middle of the chaotic city. But there it was. Before walking around I thought I would spend some time exploring the area and then head [...]


Tweet When I started looking at my pictures from my yesterday’s visit to Hauz Khas, my intention was to do one post. I realized it would be one very long post if I posted even the pictures I thought have come out well. I have to admit I have hardly explored Delhi at all. Yesterday [...]