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Tweet I flew with Air India to Sri Lanka and with Indigo to Nepal. Both have been recent vacations, I have enjoyed a lot on both. And guess what? All the flight were on time too! The choice of the air carrier was determined by cheap airline tickets. To Sri Lanka I was traveling with [...]


Tweet We were flying back from Bangalore to Delhi today. When the flight started boarding on time at Bangalore we assumed that the fog was bearable at Delhi. My daughter and I slept through most of the flight. I didn’t even drink my customary tea on the Indigo flight. To put the record straight I do [...]


Tweet I decided to fly to Delhi Kathmandu Delhi with IndiGo because I got incredibly cheap flights with them in the summer of 2012. This story unfolded on the Kathnadu Delhi leg. I usually like to check in early for my flights and my Kathmandu Delhi flight was no exception. I was coming back home [...]


Tweet I think all travelers across the world love a good bargain and hence comparing flight ticket rates for cheap air tickets is such a big draw! And more than anyone else I guess we Indian’s just love a bargain and love to bargain. I don’t know how involved you are personally or what you [...]