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Tweet Vikram our raft expert was giving instructions on a serious note. The light banter of the day before was completing missing. I had no idea what had caused the change!  But it did not take me long to find out! We were rafting from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (in Uttarakhand, India) on the Ganges. I was part [...]


Tweet When I showed this picture to a friend, he asked, “So did you go down screaming?” To my “no” he added, “I would, because what if that was the last thing I did in life!” I had no such thoughts when I took off that ledge. But the question remains, why did I do [...]


High Up on Tree

by Mridula on June 4, 2011

in Canon D350,Photography,Travel,Uttarakhand

Tweet Before I left for trekking I wanted to do the same, climb up high on a tree and sit quietly. Hopefully I will come back in a more reasonable mood.


Tweet When I was rafting the cameras would be inside the safe bag on the raft as it was water proof. And it would come out only in clam waters. So when we crossed ‘The Wall’ after Kaudiyala there are no pictures or videos of it. I was writing the article for Gonomad today (yes [...]


Tweet I am staying with the rafting skies for this week too. I also take this opportunity to share with you a guest post that I did on my rafting experience at the blog Payaniga. For more beautiful skies from around the world please visit the Skywatch page.


Tweet Two of my bigger strip reports from Lonavala and Kaudiala are pending but then it is the end of the semester time when all I will do for a long time is grading. I have cribbed enough on this blog whenever I have to grade so I will just make a token protest and [...]