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Colorful Dilli Haat

by Mridula on January 14, 2013

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Tweet Yesterday I took two of my British colleagues to Dilli Haat. My take was that they could shop around and see some colors at one place. Also it was a bright sunny day, when it was good to be out there in the sun. I shudder to think if I took them out and [...]


Freedom to Try!

by Mridula on August 15, 2012

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Tweet And try as they might, they could not fly it. Still led to a lot of giggles and happiness all around.


Tweet A video from the colorful kite festival at Morecambe, Lancaster, UK.


A Long Walk at Morecambe, UK

by Mridula on July 24, 2011

in Lancaster,Morecambe,UK

Tweet Walk for many many hours around Morecambe but still could not catch the sunset. The sun refuses to set at any reasonable hour! It is 9.30 pm here at Lancaster and it feels like 6.00 pm back home. There are many more pictures to come.