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KL Bird Park

Lazy Sunday Photo- Red Ibis

by Mridula on September 21, 2014

in Birds,Malaysia

Tweet I was playing around with the pictures from my past trips. I stopped and started at this Red Ibis and decided, why not, let this be the Lazy Sunday Photo. I clicked this picture at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. I would love to see the Red Ibis in the wild too! Have a [...]


Tweet I will show you the parrots from the KL Bird Park (from a May 2012 trip) but before that you have to listen to my woes. Two of my trips in February got cancelled and suddenly I am left with a feeling that I have no pictures to post on the blog. When this [...]


Tweet I often say I became interested in birds only after I acquired my zoom lens. Then I could bring the birds closer and ask my more knowledge friends to identify them for me. And gradually it grew on me. I don’t have any super zooms, only a 70-300 mm lens. So to get a [...]


Tweet I have posted pictures from the KL Bird Park before. I actually like to identify the birds before I post them so two more exotic ones got left out initially. They are the Silver Pheasant and Mandarin Duck. At that point of time I was clicking pictures for making a stop motion video.  How I wish [...]


Tweet On my last day at Kuala Lumpur, I had an evening flight to catch. My original plan was to hang around the Petrona’s Twin Towers but I gave that up after a while. There were a lot of branded shops around and I didn’t had a ticket to go up. I had taken the [...]


A Scarlet Ibis

by Mridula on June 25, 2012

in blogging,Canon D550,Malaysia,Photography

Tweet I have to admit I was not always a bird watcher. But when I acquired my first zoom lens I suddenly started noticing birds. And then it grew on me. So when I was at Malaysia in May, the KL Bird Park was on my agenda. But even till last day I had not [...]