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Lakshman Sagar

Tweet This monsoon I saw a different side of Rajasthan. I visited Lakshman Sagar and Suryagarh, both for a second time. My original invitation was for Pushkar Resorts but when I was given the choice to revisit Lakshman Sagar (near Pali in Rajasthan) I readily agreed. My first stay there was fabulous and I was [...]


The Story of 4 Weekends

by Mridula on August 12, 2013

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Tweet I will tell a story today. It is of 4 weekends and if it makes you a little jealous, do read it out till the end. I will start from weekend no 4. I was traveling in Kerala (on invitation from Travspire) on that weekend. I did kayaking, enjoyed the backwaters. I saw Kathakali and Theyyam [...]


A Rose Ringed Parakeet

by Mridula on December 11, 2012

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Tweet I was moving in the company of 4 kids in a village near Lakshman Sagar. They were quite curious about my bird photography. Even though a noisy gang of four is not good for bird photography I in no way wanted to discourage the kids. So we all learned to be a bit quiet while this [...]


Tweet I saw this butterfly attracted to these lanterns even during the day light! And I thought they like only flowers! Also it paused for long enough for me to click a picture!


Tweet It is time to put all my Lakshman Sagar posts at one place because they are scattered all over my blog. It was such a relaxed trip and I am going to remember it for a long long time. Lakshman Sagar, Pali Rajasthan, the journey and the first impresions Day 2 at Lakshman Sagar [...]


Tweet Today’s sky watch was clicked at Lakshman Sagar again. Sometimes I get lucky at a place and get many good sky hots. Lakshman Sagar was one such place! For more sky pictures visit Sky Watch Friday.