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Wildlife Sightings

by Mridula on December 2, 2013

in Canon D550,India,Photography

Tweet Whenever I go to the jungle I am stuck by the enthusiasm of the naturalists. I mean, how many people you know who are in their twenties and they wish to work away from the civilization where the nearest cinema might be 70 kilometers away? As I visited three national parks within a month [...]


Tweet The light was way too low but the sight was divine. When the dusk fell at the Manyeleti Game Reserve, our tracker was shining his torch around the bush and soon enough it caught the eye of an animal. And what an animal it was! Oh the thrill to see an African lion to [...]

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Tweet The wildlife experience at the Manyeleti Game Reserve with the Tintswalo Safari Lodge has been beyond expectations, if you need a proof look below. African Lion, Manyeleti Game Reserve, South Africa Some of my encounters have been so close I actually shot with the normal (18-55 mm) lens rather than the 75-300. However the [...]


Sota Hua Sher

by Mridula on December 17, 2010

in Skoda ROWE

Tweet It is only after you get to see a sleeping lion you realize why they say ‘sote hue sher ko jagate nahin hain!’ (one should not mess up with a sleeping lion). Spotted this at Gir via the Skoda Yeti ROWE trip. Came back just today, loads of stories. But too tired today, I [...]