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Manyeleti Game Reserve

Tweet When I got the invitation to travel to South Africa, I remember writing to Arun- what to do I am no wildlife photographer! He replied back- enjoy the things with your eyes! That was one good advice. I tried to follow it too and yet the trigger happy camera finger would go on its own! [...]


Tweet I went to South Africa in May 2013 and it is a rare day when I don’t think about it. More than anything else their wild life is on such a grand scale that it has left me completely smitten. Here are 10 reasons why. The Guys with Outrageous Sense of Humor 10. The [...]


Tweet I have a love-hate relationship with bird photography. I love photographing birds and I hate the amount of trouble they give me in taking pictures. Yellow Billed Hornbill, Manyeleti Game Reserve, South Africa However I do get lucky sometimes, like when I clicked this Yellow Billed Hornbill (described as flying bananas by our guide [...]


Tweet This South African elephant was in a playful mood at the Manyeleti Game Reserve in the Limpopo region. They look so majestic. And all the rangers considered the charge of an elephant extremely dangerous. An African Elephant Splashing Mud, Manyeleti Game Reserve But for quite sometime on a lazy afternoon this one kept playing [...]


Tweet I lost a piece of heart in these bushes, if you ever find it do return it to me. The South African bush, you never know what delights it has in store for you! The Beautiful South African Bush It is all the more fascinating for what it hides rather than what it reveals, or [...]


Tweet This was my first spotting of the giraffes in the wild as well. Manyeleti Game Reserve was a treasure trove for me. We first spotted this pair. Giraffes- Male and Female, Manyeleti Game reserve, South Africa The male have darker spots than the female. And after this pair came a baby! Baby Giraffe, Manyeleti [...]