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Tweet I flew with Air India to Sri Lanka and with Indigo to Nepal. Both have been recent vacations, I have enjoyed a lot on both. And guess what? All the flight were on time too! The choice of the air carrier was determined by cheap airline tickets. To Sri Lanka I was traveling with [...]


Movies and Tourism

by Mridula on May 31, 2013

in Travel

Tweet Talk Hindi moves and you will talk Switzerland. I grew up on a healthy diet of Swiss scenes from movies like Chandni and Darr. But when I was in college sports was my thing and not so much travel. It is only when sports went away I got converted to travel. Switzerland Tourism will [...]


The Dubai Connection

by Mridula on May 28, 2013

in Canon D350,Dubai,Photography

Tweet I have not traveled within Dubai (shall I say yet?) but my younger nephew, also known as Brat 2, has done a long internship in Dubai and I have heard a lot of tales! He is an excellent traveling companion and we have been chatting about visiting Dubai together but let us see when [...]


Tweet Do you have a bucket list for travel? Do you try to travel out of it? What all features on it? I have toyed with the idea of a bucket list but I never got around making it. I can see the uses of such a list, it would keep me busy for years [...]


Tweet I remember exactly when I visited Kolkata and it was called Calcutta then. I was in 4th standard. My dad was working with Indian Railways and it was his official trip and we accompanied him. Those were the days, we used to travel on a railway pass and stay at railway accommodations. So there was [...]


Tweet I never booked a flight onAir India till the recent past. I still got to fly Air India and Air India Express on invitations but never with my own money. But this has changed now. When I was searching for Sri Lanka tickets the cheapest I got was on Air India so I had [...]