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Tweet Even before landing I was excited about the trek to the Tiger’s Nest in Paro, Bhutan. As I was visiting in monsoon I asked my friends on Facebook beforehand if I should be carrying trekking shoes or normal sneakers would do? An overwhelming majority who had done the trek told me to carry my [...]


Tweet What do you do when go and search on Google and find only your own post on the topic? I searched for the Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery near hail Himalayas and found my own post looking back at me! So I go ahead and talk more about it. I don’t know why I agreed to [...]


Tweet During my recent trip to Hail Himalayas I visited the Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery. While going around the place I found both light peace. If you are in the area do visit the monastery. In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this lazy Sunday photo.


Tweet In December I was traveling solo to Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. I had a great time. I would usually take the local bus to a nearby place and then take it back towards the evening. In the evening I would have a gajar ka halwa, chai and sometimes dhokla before heading to my hotel [...]