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Sariska Tiger Reserve

by Mridula on February 15, 2014

in Canon D550,India,Photography,Rajasthan

Tweet Sariska Tiger Reserve is just a hop and a skip away from NCR which makes it an ideal weekend getaway! If you don’t like to drive (like me) Shatabdi Express Train is a good option. You need to get down at Alwar and then take a bus going to Jaipur. Sariska is on the [...]


Tweet My group was animatedly talking to each-other when we heard a strange voice. It was the Vervet Monkeys in the tree nearby. They don’t like being ignored. Vervet Monkeys, South Africa The lodge staff also told us that they would come to steal the breakfast! So this is my scheduled lazy Sunday photo. I [...]

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Tweet Sorry for the Hindi title but it is related to an old ad of Mountain Dew which claims that Cheetah drinks Mountain Dew. Well I don’t know about the Cheetah but monkeys at Siliserh Lake at Alwar (Rajasthan) certainly like to to drink Mountain Dew and other cold drinks. Monkey Drinking Mountain Dew, Siliserh Lake, Alwar, [...]


Tweet Just got back from a short vacation from Rishikesh. I clicked this picture at Lakshman Jhula where monkeys sit on the bridge and expect the people passing by will feed them. This was our first real vacation with Chhavi. I have to say she is quite good when it comes to big things, like [...]