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Tweet This year starting from March till about now, I traveled a lot. When I traveled a lot I would crib because I was traveling too much, which would leave me very tired. Then for the past two weeks I have been at home. So, now I am getting nostalgic about traveling and then, you [...]


Shaniwar Wada, Pune

by Mridula on December 26, 2013

in India,Maharashtra,Photography

Tweet Shaniwar Wada, Pune is said to be the most impressive mansion ever to be built by the Peshwas in the city. The foundation for the monument was laid down in 1720 by Bajirao I. Today is completely engulfed by the city! We tried to visit it on our first evening in Pune. I was [...]


Tweet I visited Hauz Khas last year for the first time. Then I went back again in January and roamed around the ancient ruins. I liked this passage most from all the pictures I clicked. Hauz Khas Monument, New Delhi However it was not as quiet as the first picture will suggest. It was full of college going [...]