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Tweet In December I visited Palampur and the adjoining areas. One such stop was Baijnath temple. I went there by a local bus which covered the 15 kilometers or so in one and a half hours. It was a fun ride. The bus would stop at every turn to pick up or drop a passenger. Baijnath [...]


Tweet This was the day sky at Palampur. The view was beautiful as we were walking back from the Deer Park at Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. My view was that Palampur itself has such rich vegetation, why do we really need a Deer Park? The local friend who took me there was of the view [...]


Tweet This was on my last day at Palampur. I had come back from Sobha Singh’s Art Gallery at Andretta. Andretta is really in middle of nowhere! The day was cloudy otherwise the views would have been beautiful. Whatever I saw was even through mist was grand. Sunset Colors, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India I got [...]


Tweet I clicked this picture while walking around in Palampur. I was walking from my hotel to the bus stand at Palampur. This Plumbeous Water Redstart was a very obliging bird. Plumbeous Water Redstart When I saw it I had the kit lens on the camera. The bird was so patient that I could change my [...]


Tweet In December I was traveling solo to Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. I had a great time. I would usually take the local bus to a nearby place and then take it back towards the evening. In the evening I would have a gajar ka halwa, chai and sometimes dhokla before heading to my hotel [...]


Tweet This happened on a very cold day at dawn. I should have logically been fast asleep. I did not put any alarm to get up at sunrise. I also watched a lot of movies on TV the night before! And yet my eyes opened on its own and the view from the window at [...]