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Tweet This was probably the first time I went to the hills in March. While you can visit the hills in any seasons March brings in the spring blossoms. I have seen a bit of blossoms before but this time they were regal! Apple Blossoms There were two apple trees inside the home of my [...]


Tweet I am very fond of clicking flowers, though recently it does not reflect in my posts. So I am going to correct it. Today I am going to post a bunch of flowers all clicked around Jagatsukh. And I have enough flowers for 2-3 weeks and that is without rummaging my folders! Yellow Flowering [...]


Tweet Recently we visited Jagatsukh and this was out second trip to the region. I walked by the road last time, as well as this time. Last time I walked only towards Manali but this time I walked on the road towards Naggar too. There is a beautiful waterfall on the Manali-Jagatsukh road near Prini. [...]


Tweet   Prini is just outside the more popular hill station Manali. It is 3km from Manali. However, the feel of the two places could not be more different. Manali to me feels crowded, rushed and full of people whereas in Prini one could go for long walks! This is my entry for Skywatch. Visit [...]


Tweet Recently we spent a few days at Jagatsukh near Manali. We stayed at the home of Mr. Ramakant whom Seshadri knows because of his trekking in the region. It was a fabulous vacation, particularly for Chhavi as she had friendly kids of her own age to play with. On the last evening of the [...]