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Purple Sunbird

Tweet I know it is not a Sunday and it is not a photo day. But this is what happens when I do not travel for nearly two months! I have to keep this blog alive with places and things around me and you have to view them! See it is better for all involve [...]


A Purple Sunbird

by Mridula on February 13, 2012

in Birds,Canon D550,Gurgaon,Photography

Tweet Just stood in my balcony and clicked a few pictures. I am waiting for it to become March when the Purple Sunbird becomes completely purple. And I am still loving my Canon 75-300 lens.


A Purple Sunbird Nest

by Mridula on July 9, 2011

in Birds,Canon D350,Gurgaon,Photography

Tweet There is a purple sunbird nest these days in the backyard. How do I know it is a purple sunbird? Because you look closely you can see the adult bird peeping out. I have not heard any baby birds as of now so probably there are eggs inside the nest. I am not getting [...]


Tweet Clicked this one too at Rishikesh. When you see this I would be traveling. A short weekend trip. More details when I come back.


Tweet These red flowers (have to find out the name) are big magnets to birds. Yesterday itself there were Mynas, Oriental White Eyes, Purple Sunbirds, Brahminy Mynas, Tree Pies, Green Pigeons, Parrots and a few more on the tress. The trouble the tree is very high and my zoom quite ineffective. Now the temptation to [...]


Tweet I have said this before, it rains Purple Sunbird in my area. I liked it a lot that this one decided to pose next to Bougainvillea flowers. After a long time managed to catch some unknown birds too. Have posted it on the Indiamike thread, will post them on the blog too once they get [...]