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Tweet A few days back I was reading a beach scene somewhere (don’t ask me where or I may get beaten or ridiculed or maybe both) which left me wondering, why don’t I think like that, I mean ever? It was a sun kissed beach with sparkling blue waters, verdant shade and idyllic beauty. Or [...]


Mobile Love

by Mridula on June 28, 2014

in Cell phone photography,Lumia 1020,Musing

Tweet You must have seen those videos which tell you that if you are online how you do not have real friends. Now I have a grouse to pick up with such videos. I exhibit huge mobile love and by extension social media love. It has only increased after Nokia gifted me a Lumia 1020. [...]


Tweet You must have heard this one- travel will set you free. My sincere feeling is that this was written before jet planes were invented or by a person who never had to travel economy! Sit in a plane that takes off at some obscene hour in a cramped seat to arrive at the other [...]


Tweet There was a time in my life when I just used to click pictures. I knew nothing about the lights, I knew nothing about composition, I knew nothing about the ISO, F stop and all that. But I liked to click pictures. Then along the way I picked up my DSLR and I started [...]


Tweet Finally I get to travel! And that says it all! I am not traveling to a beach destination, it is in fact mountains again. Boats on a Beach I hope to log in from Gulmarg but let us see. I have been amazed at my own response to this lack of travel and the capacity [...]


What to Shoot? What to Shoot?

by Mridula on February 28, 2013

in Canon D350,Photography

Tweet The cry about what to shoot is the result of the recent rummaging through the folders experience. I work full time so if I can travel once a month I consider myself lucky. But I blog almost everyday for past few years now. When once a month schedule goes awry I am left with rummaging [...]