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Redang Island

Tweet It has happened to me so many times! I miss a picture completely at the first go and then I wonder how did that happen! So for the lazy Sunday here is a picture from Redang Island, Malaysia. And I am left scratching my head, how did I miss it the first time! It [...]


Tweet Have you ever wondered a month or so after a trip that your memories slightly alter? I usually rewind my trips through my pictures. But after a month or so some memories fade out. And at other times I wonder why I did not talk about certain other events in the first place! I [...]


Tweet Whenever I look at this picture I get mesmerized by the shades of blue! I tried counting them all but then I gave up! The place is Redang Island, in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. Visit Sky Watch Friday to see more skies from around the world. Better still share your own skies.


Romantic Getaways in Malaysia

by Mridula on October 25, 2012

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Tweet The people who have been with this blog would certainly recognize that romance is not my choice of topic but once in a while I do crazy things!  So I wrote for Travel Write Asia an article named- Romantic Getaways in Malaysia. Do check it out. And now that I am on the topic, I did not [...]


Tweet In May 2012 CNNGo included Redang Island (or Pulau Redang as it is known locally) in Malaysia’ top 10 islands. And it entirely lived up to its reputation when I got a chance to visit it in September 2012! When I stepped out to the beach adjacent to my hotel, this was the view that greeted me. It [...]


More Pictures from Malaysia

by Mridula on October 6, 2012

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Tweet I got to see much more of Malaysia on my second trip. And Malaysia is the second country where I have been more than once. I have been to UK many times but it is because of my work. Come summer and I think Nepal will get added to this list as I plan [...]